Investment Risk Warning

CAUTION, investment in securities issued by unlisted companies involves specific risks

Liquidity risk : liquidity is the ease with which you can resell your securities after subscribing to them. The securities you buy on are, in the short term, unlikely to be traded in a secondary market, i.e. in a market for buying and selling existing financial assets (or "second-hand market"). Therefore, you may not be able to sell them when you want to.
A risk of capital loss, partial or total because the return on investment depends on the success of the operation financed. When subscribing to bonds, the risk and return profile is asymmetrical. The higher the profitability, the higher the risk associated with this investment.
Fiscal risk : before the end of your investment, new tax rules may be imposed on the proceeds of your investment. This can potentially reduce the return on your investment.
Inflation risk : the value of the capital invested through bond subscriptions and interest received at maturity may depreciate over the life of your investment. This can potentially reduce its return.